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Monument Cleaning and Restoration

I get many requests every year concerning dirty monuments.  Granite is an igneous rock consisting of quartz, mica and feldspar that will last far beyond most of our lifetimes.  However, it can get dirty and lichen and moss can attach and grow on the rough unpolished areas on the memorial over time.  In most cases I instruct families on cleaning methods they can do on their own.  Sometimes that isn’t logistically possible because family members are out of state, or perhaps it has been so many years since a good cleaning that it’s too much to tackle. In that case, we do have some excellent industrial cleaners for granite and marble that will allow us to return the memorial to its original beauty.

Over the course of the year I also receive phone calls concerning monuments that have slid off their foundations or have appeared to have sunk.  These problems will need to be evaluated on site, then I can advise you of solutions to fix the problem.  Many older monuments were constructed using marble or sandstone.  These rocks are softer than granite and many times you will find that the lettering is disappearing or pieces are falling off.  Sometimes the issues can be repaired and sometimes alternatives are needed to preserve the history.  Call us and we will meet with you in the cemetery to inspect the monument and give you our best advice.