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Impala Black upright with colored hand etching.

Upright Monuments

Mountain Rose Slant face

Slant Face Markers

Memorial Benches

Memorial Benches

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Bevel Top Markers

Flush grass markers

Flush Grass Markers

Cremation urn on a base

Cremation Memorials

Choosing a monument begins with picking a monument style.  You could select an Upright Monument, a Slant Face Marker, a Bevel Top Marker, a Flush Grass Marker, Cremation Memorial or a Bench to memorialize your loved one. Follow one of the above links to read an explanation of each monument style and see some examples.  Then, call us and set up an appointment to see our display and discuss in person all the possibilities (see Contact Us).

Four Components of Pricing Your Memorial

Cemetery markers and monuments range in price from hundreds of dollars to thousands, all depending on what you want. Keep in mind that you need to compare value, not just price. For instance, there is a huge difference in price between buying China gray granite and Vermont gray granite. The difference is in quality – all granites are not the same! China gray granites tend to discolor over time in our climate, not to mention they are a much lower grade of granite than their Barre, Vermont counterpart.

Thank you very much. I’m sure my husband is looking down and saying what a good job we did at selecting and installing such a beautiful monument.  People who have seen it call and tell me how nice it is.
Hazel, Butler, PA

You will need to consider several factors in developing your own unique memorial, all of which have a role in the price of your monument. Here are some of the basics. Click each topic to see details.

Whether you’re purchasing a gravestone for a single person or for a family of four, size is one of the things that will be highlighted in your discussion with a memorial professional. How many graves is the monument going to be installed on? How many family members will be interred there? Full burials or cremations? Does the cemetery have restrictions on width and height of the memorial? And are you interested in a traditional rectangular-shaped monument or would you prefer something customized for your loved one? Special shapes generally do not add an extravagant amount to the cost of your headstone, so it may be worth pursuing.
There are many colors of granite available. Having said that, some are much better suited for granite countertops than granite memorials. The color of granite has everything to do with where it is quarried from.  There are a number of imported granites with colors that are very unique, but you should ask about their durability and quality to be sure they are not inferior granites.

Each monument is polished at the manufacturer, with the luster of the polish obtained using different coarseness of bricks over the surface of the stone. As a standard, most monuments come polished on two sides, front and back, with the other edges rock pitched (rough, rocky surfaces, more like a natural stone). Polishing additional sides costs more, how much more depends on the size of the memorial. However, polished surfaces stay cleaner longer.  Is your memorial in the open part of a cemetery or set back under trees? Do you mind having to clean the gravestone every few years or will that be problematic? These answers will probably impact your decision on finish, so discuss these issues.

This is the last component of figuring the cost of your memorial. Do you prefer a shape carving over a flat carving? Are you interested in customizing your monument with a portrait, favorite hobby, or fraternal emblem?   What is the quality of workmanship in a deep carved rose? Designs at Harrisville Memorials are a flat rate, depending on the level of detail and size of the headstone. Likewise, lettering is priced by the number and size of the characters. Both of these factors influence the cost of your monument, however, the bulk of the cost is in the granite itself.

We’ve Selected What We Want…
What’s Next and How Long Does it Take?

Once you’re comfortable with the decisions you’ve made, half the amount due on the monument is required to place an order at Harrisville Memorials.  In roughly 2-3 weeks after you place an order for your cemetery memorial, we will call you to come in and review a scaled drawing of it. Changes can be made at this time, spellings and dates are double checked, and once approved, the sandblasting and design work are done on the granite itself. This serves as a blueprint for your customized memorial and ensures you’re getting exactly what you want.

The timeline for completion depends upon the color and cut of the granite you select, as well as your timely approval of the drawing of your memorial. Cemetery work schedules, weather and ground conditions may also be a deciding factor for completion.  Please call and speak to one of our monument specialists to get a more definite timeline for installation of a memorial.