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Planning for Tomorrow

Planning for Tomorrow

I am a planner, someone will inevitably find lists in my coat  pockets, my kitchen counter, and my calendar.  Whether you have a daily list, probably depends on your personality, but most people have a plan for retirement and beyond.

Purchasing a monument pre-need may seem like a weird idea.  It certainly isn’t for everyone but there are advantages to purchasing a monument before death occurs.

  • Any decisions made in advance will lessen the burden on your surviving loved ones.
  • You are the one who gets to choose the style, size, and design for your monument.
  • Prices never go down.  Purchasing a monument today will save more funds for your heirs.
  • As a married couple chances are that all household purchases have been made together.  Why should the purchase of your monument be an exception?

Planning for what tomorrow holds is not always pleasant, but having your affairs in order for your loved ones will lessen their burden at a time of grief.  I hope that you will add the purchase of a monument to your list of final plans.