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Granite and the web

Granite and the web

In our modern lives, we purchase a lot of things on line with out even walking into a store. I know that I find shopping for certain items much easier to do on line than battle crowds at stores or find time in my busy schedule to shop at different stores.  Yet, there are some items that are not so simple to buy on line.  A monument is one of these items.  There are a lot of web sites out there that will sell you a monument that you design on line.  But what these web sites don’t tell you till you have purchased are that there are some logistics that have to be organized.

Delivery – How is the monument going to be delivered and where will the carrier deliver the monument?  A granite monument is heavy and usually delivered on a tractor trailer.  Most cemeteries will not accept delivery.

Concrete foundation – the concrete foundation is necessary for the monument to be installed upon.  The foundation is required in all cemeteries.  There is a charge for installing foundations.

Installation of the monument – How are you going to install the monument?  Does the cemetery permit an individual to do the installation?  Does the cemetery have any requirements for how the monument is installed?

When you choose to purchase a monument from a  retailer that is familiar with the cemeteries in the area, these details are not your responsibility.  The retailer will organize the foundation installation at the cemetery and install the monument using proper equipment.  After you have designed the memorial with the retailer, your responsibilities have ended.  For these reasons, I would encourage you to visit a reputable retailer.  What can seem like a great deal on the internet could sour quickly if details get missed.